Can you ... (?)

December 20, 2011

can you do me a favour?
To stay and happy with me?

can you do me a favour?
to play and dance with me?

can you take me to the place,
where the stars are bright, 
when the night is quiet

can you sit beside me,
for a while,
listening to me, for everything i'll tell
for the sadness i'll share

can you let me lay on ur arms,
a while,
to cry a long this night,
to feel the peace and warmth
can you let me feel something,
something makes me strong,
something makes me happy

can you let me be the part of your life?,
for once...
in my own whole life,
can you?

can you accept me?,
for better and for worse,
for everything I'll do

can you forgive me,
for the stupid things i've done?
for the extremely weird i am?

can you be?
can you be?
can i be the part of your life?
or can i be the part of someone?
to make my self believe,
to make my soul stronger to survive,
that im not living just for myself,
that i'll not grow older alone,
that i'll not die hopelessly


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