#2 Karma

May 25, 2017

After my last boyfriend, it's been two years I didn't date anymore. Thought, it might be karma is coming to me. I honestly said I've been cheating on my ex, I did tell him what I've done and asked for forgiveness. I cheated once, and that's all. But the point is, at that time I think I pushed him too much to finish his study and marry me. And now I realized, guys don't like to be treated that way.

So here, I am in the place I've never lived in before, always feel that we broke up because it was all my faults.  You know, I thought that Adele songs will just be ended up as an easy catching sad song, but now I think she made it for my life. He got married last week with a girl he just met less than a year. We've been dating for more than 4 years, I gave him everything because I trusted him, and I trusted GOD that he will be the last, the one and only. But shit, life's sucks.

But, I am now declaring that I am officially moved on! I have my new life and I always try to enjoy it. I date some guys from the dating apps, I broke all the rules my religions told me. But, hey... who doesn't? I know God is kind, but I also don't think He really wants to involved in our shitty problems though haha

Besides my new wildlife just started, I was grown up with Disney's stories. Who still believe my knight shining armor will come and bend his knee asking me to marry him. But oh!... what kind of guy kissed a beautiful corpse in the middle of the wood? Thought that Disney's already told us, what's inside these guys mind.


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