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June 01, 2017

~Happiness is taking control of your own Happiness~ :


I just in a mood to write something but don't wanna think too much about what I should write. As usual, on my spare time between work or waiting for my samples before continue to the next step, I spend sometimes reading Mandy's blog. 

Mandy's post today is about "Twelve Reasons I’m Not Sad to Be Single" (even though, I guess I still feel sad sometimes). I found that this post would be interesting to be re-written on my blog and answer it in my own way. You know, after I moved to Japan 2 years ago, I finally feel how to be the real single! Like, totally single! I mean, I used to live alone when I was in Indonesia too. But it's different. I still can ask my friends to go for dinner together, or watching movies together in our spare time. But here, I am just like totally alone. Sometimes it's sad, but sometimes I find it such a blessing for being this single.

Well, it's not a long post. In this article, Mandy just wrote about what she loves about being single. So Mandy's twelve favorite things to do about being single are: 

1.) I like the idea of sharing my life with someone…I’m just not sure I’m ready to share my closet. (70 pairs of shoes and counting…)
2) First kisses.
3) Messy breakups.
4) Because some days I just don’t feel like shaving my legs. (Shhhh…)
5) No one to cook for except me means I regularly have Frosted Flakes for dinner. And that’s GRRRRRRREAT! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself)
6) About 85% of the movies on my shelf are chick flicks. And I am unapologetic.
7) Netflix binges.
8) Spontaneous road trips.
9) Some nights I like to sleep on the right side of the bed, others, the left side. And some nights…right smack dab in the middle.
10) I spend as much time with God as I want. He’s never too busy and always on time.
11) I control the remote control. 🙂
12) Because I have the freedom to choose either my way OR the highway…and both are equally appealing.

And here's mine:

1)  No one will complain about what I cook and what I eat. I can cook and eat everything that I like in a big or small portion. I don't care about the taste, as long as it's my homemade it must be really good.

2) I don't really used to wearing pajamas or proper clothes at home. So, since I'm single I can wear my underwear all over the corner of my home and do whatever I want.

3) I sleep 4 - 6 hours a day on weekdays and can be 12 hours in the weekend. I don't really have moving behavior when I'm sleeping. Despite, I don't like to share my bed with someone (My bed is my empire)

4) I don't really like noisy. I don't like if people make some noises too. But it's okay if the noise is from me or I am the one who made it.

5) I can fart freely, whenever and wherever I want in my home.

6) I don't have to tidy up or clean my room and bathroom everyday cause it's only me.

7) I love my odor. I think I smell good, I'm happy there's no one else's odor in my room.

8) I don't have to shave routinely.

9) I can keep commenting and classified boys that I see in a coffee shop. I even make the code for them already (Shrimp, lollypop, and Buddha)

10) Sometimes I love  Disney's songs, Sad and desperate songs, Rock songs, Rap songs, and sometimes I'm listening to classy orchestra music. It depends on my mood, and I take control to what I want to play today.

11) My mood swings very often. I can do everything whether it planned or just right now!

12) I can keep studying and embracing my single life. I can spend all of my time for myself and love me more and more.

what about YOURS?

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