#7 Friendship is complicated

June 11, 2017

The older you are, the more introverted you will be. Agree?

Well, it's only 2 years but everything's changing so much. Like what Hannah Baker said in 13 reasons why that Friendship is complicated. I couldn't agree more!

Well, 2 years ago, I was so close with two of my friends. We spent so much time together, cycling, eating, and doing a lot of silly things. Like, we bring our childhood spirits back then. It's just two years ago, I mean... not actually two years ago but they completely changed. It's funny that now we are just like a complete stranger, no talks, no chat, even no "warm hi". I met one of them in the elevator, and it was like I met someone I never been close to. I just asked about how's life going and he said everything's good. That's all! Awkward? Exactly!

The more I get older, the fewer friends that I got. Agree with that. But ironically why the one who used to be so close now become a complete stranger? Why? 
Because people change, they have the heart. And it sucks.

Previously we were always together, talked about one of our friends that we don't really like. And now, the funny thing is I am more close to the friend that we used to talk about! And he is not that bad as we ever thought. I mean, he's a good guy. He knew that we've been talking about him and no one likes him (LOL) but he still says "hi", he still care, he still okay with me, he still think that I am his friend. You know what's the same between us? Because our life is just the same as it used to be. We are single. *DANG*

Lol, now you know where this post will go. I think... if you already tied up with something or someone, it would be difficult for you to be free. Cause who doesn't? 

As an example, I will give you a silly story. This is actually about my friend who's already married last month. So we have a WhatsApp group, all my college friends in Indonesia are there. I thought it's normal if we talk about something stupid, bullies, or teasing at each other cause we know that it's all just completely a JOKE! And we have to understand it, I guess. Well, we're not teenagers anymore, just take everything as easy as poop.

Then suddenly like a typhoon, my friend left that group because he said, his wife doesn't like him to be in that group anymore cause she felt disrespected from what we were talked about. His ex in that group, and so did him. And you know what happened, our friends just bully them about their previous relationship. But she's okay with that, it's just a JOKE. Everything has changed. It should be okay, isn't it? (And I mean, won't you have any privacy anymore when you are in that holy relationship? *scare*)

But I think what he did is just the most reckless thing. I mean, you sacrifice your friends, your connections, for one person! I know marriage is such a holy thing and we have to respect each other, but come on..........

I guess that's what a relationship will give to us. We will just stick to one person, everything is bout him/her, we spent 24/7 only with him/her, and when we have problems with him/her we just realized that we have no one except him/her. And that's pathetic!

Well, I can say these things cause I am single now, and I just feel people who leave their friendship because they're tied up with someone are just so mean, and stupid (LOL). I hope I won't be one of them If I met my knight shining armor. Well, guess it seems still so far far away though............

PS. Sorry for not sorry for everyone I didn't mention here (LOL)


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